Sarah and Aaron

As you can see from the pic, this place is gorgeous. It took me about 3 hours to get to the wedding at a private residence. Not only the distance from my office, but it was Saturday, superb weather, and I had to drive via Ossippee. This picture is of castle in the clouds. But I am using it to give you an idea of the views there. I can’t use pics from the actual wedding location due to privacy issues.

This territory was first chartered in 1763, to a group of settlers from Hampton who in 1748 had petitioned the Masonian Proprietors for part of the ungranted lands in the province. The charter describes the boundaries as running along the northerly shore of Winnepisseoky Pond, and including a neck and point of land running into the pond. Among them were members of the Moulton family, led by ColonelJonathan Moulton, who was considered to be one of the richest men in the province at the start of theAmerican Revolution. The town was named in honor of Colonel Moulton. In 1765, territory known as Moultonborough Gore was annexed to the town.

I was contacted to officiate at this wedding by our good friends at Affordable Occasions. Karen and her crew always provide great service to their clients, so I knew this wedding would be fabulous, and it was! Aaron and Sarah were easy to work with and the ceremony planning was a breeze. It’s lovely when a couple knows exactly what they want. Makes my life easier.

Once I arrived at the location, I went wandering to check out the lay of the land. Identified the bathrooms [3 hour drive, remember] then the ceremony site, then checked out all the rest of the decor. I find it gives me a good feel for the pace of the ceremony, to see the styles chosen. This particular event had a Kelly Green Celtic feel, so I knew we could smile a lot and be humorous during the ceremony. Talked to the audio people, checked out the shadiest spots, and then prepped.

It was very, very, very, hot and humid. Luckily the couple had laid out a basket of paper fans, so I happily grabbed one of those and put it to good use. The trick here is to stand in the shade and keep hydrated until the wedding party arrive. I am wearing the coolest clothing that I own under the black robes. But of course, I am completely in black and did I mention it’s hot?

Wedding party appears, I relinquish my fan and water bottle. Step forward to the altar made of flower arrangements, and we begin. After escorting VIPs to their seats, the Groom and Groomsmen come to stand with me. The brother of the Bride is singing the processional. Yes, singing! The best processional ever was done to a belting rendition of the Guns n’ Roses ditty  ‘Sweet Child of Mine‘. And that man can sing! Better than the original, almost.

The ceremony proceeded, with readings from family members and a haunting rendition of  ‘My Funny Valentine‘  from a member of the Bridal Party. Brought tears to your eyes to hear this young lady sing. Ceremony over. Another happy couple. Great wedding!

Congratulations Sarah and Aaron!



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