Fees, Terms & FAQ

Fees vary per event. They will be agreed with you beforehand.

In general expect to pay the following:

  • Wedding ceremony $150.00 +mileage
  • Wedding rehearsal $125.00 +mileage
  • Baby naming $175.00 +mileage [a naming certificate is provided]
  • Celebration of Life/Memorial $225.00 +mileage


I contacted you via a third party wedding site, why haven’t I heard from you?

Most wedding directories are free for the couple to use but charge the vendors. Sometimes this on on a ‘per lead’ basis of $3.00 per contact details or for a monthly or yearly charge. This can be as much as $500.00 a year. They list vendors for free but will NOT pass on contact details without the payment. Wedding Wire is the exception to this rule. If you see me listed on a site, please contact me directly. I am not responsible for any other site’s policies and follow up procedures.

Can we meet before I book you?

Yes. If you require an in-person consultation meeting prior to booking there is a one time non-refundable fee of $25.00 to cover time and travel. This must be paid at the time the appointment is confirmed. This fee will be discounted from your ceremony retainer fee at the time of booking. If it’s digital there is no charge. Skype/Facetime/Google hangout.

How far will you travel and does it cost extra?

There is a mileage charge of 50 cents per mile on all events to cover driving time and costs, billed 7 days prior to the event. 150 miles each way is a reasonable amount of travel. All things can be worked out – just ask.

What is needed to book you?

We agree on the date/s and then you secure your booking. A non-refundable retainer of 50% is required to book the date.


Verbal booking is not sufficient to retain your date/s. This retainer is non-refundable and is 50% of the total fee agreed upon subject to addition and upgrade [such as adding a rehearsal or a blessing of the reception meal].

I didn’t book a rehearsal and now I think I need one. Can I book it?

Please be aware that weddings booked without rehearsals are subject to officiant’s availability if a rehearsal becomes necessary. If I cannot provide a last minute rehearsal, don’t panic. Have a family member stand in.   If you have not booked a rehearsal, you will have to ensure that you have instructed your wedding party to carry out your wishes. I simply cannot be responsible for the processional and recessional if I am not part of the planning process. Simply put – no rehearsal means I only arrive in time to marry you and there is no run through.

All pricing is firm, if you book your wedding and then wish to add to the package, an upgrade fee will be charged. A wedding date booking that has a rehearsal added, will incur a rehearsal charge in addition to the charge quoted.

I am no longer getting married on that date, can I have my money back?

Retainers are non refundable. Other clients will have been turned away and the retainer covers that loss. If you change the date of your ceremony a new retainer may be needed. If you cancel more than one month prior to the event, you won’t be required to pay the balance.

Do you work with a contract?


Can you book rooms and buy flowers and items for my ceremony on my behalf?

Music, flowers, seating, and other sundry procurement of items for the ceremony [candles, sand, glasses, vases etc etc] are the responsibility of the couple. If you really can’t find sand ceremony items, ask me. I also make hand fasting cords in up to 5 colours for a fee of $45.00.


4 thoughts on “Fees, Terms & FAQ

  1. Hello
    Angie and I are planning to get married july 19th. Do you happen to have this date available

    Thank you Karen & Angie

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